PVC Wall Panel is an excellent wall decoration material which is superior to wall paper and paint. The variety of colors and patterns makes your choice simple. It is made of PVC resin, it's strong and simple to maintain. Our products have passed RoHs.

  1. Waterproof.
  2. Fireproof.
  3. Ultraviolet radiation resistance.
  4. Anti-moth, corrosive-resistant and aging-resistant.
  5. Oil printed surface.
  6. Good looking and easy cleaning
  7. High intensity and impact resistance
  8. Light weight and easy installation
  9. Fire-resistant and thermal insulation
  1. Walls and ceilings of independent houses.
  2. Toilets of building and hall.
  3. Household ornament ceilings.
  4. Public and management bathhouses.
  5. Common offices, walls and ceilings of business place.
  1. Width: 5,10,15,18,20,25,40.6 CM
  2. Height: 0.85; 0.95; 1.0; CM
  3. Length: as per clients’ requirements

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