It is used to shred the broken chips from LP serial tire shredders.
Construction feature:
1.The operation system is convenient for the customers.
2. The slitters adapt spiral cutting style to improve the output.
3.The slitters can be repaired easily.

Item LQ-2000A LQ-1000
Amount of slitters(piece) Mobil slitters 69
Fixed slitters 18
Mobil slitters 57
Fixed slitters 12
Revolutions of slitters(r/min) 325 325
Motor Power(KW) 160 100
Dimension of feedstock(mm) <50*50 <50*50
Dimension of discharge(mm) <25*25*4 <25*25*4
Output(t/h) 2 1
Overall dimension
4000*3390*3170 4000*2890*3170
Weight(t) 15.8 11.8

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