It is used to crush the small particulates from LPZ serial cracking mills into rubber powder.
Construction feature:
1.The rolls are made of chilled alloy castiron with hard surfac-e abrasion to wear.The rolls can be cooled homogeneously.
2.The reverse current plugging system is provided,which is safe and dependable.
3.Roll gap can be adjusted by hand.This operation is very easy.

Item XKP--510 XKP--510A
Diameter of front roll(mm) 510 510
Diameter of rear roll(mm) 650 650
Length of rolls(mm) 1000 1000
Linear speed of front roll(mm) 27.4 27.4
Friction ratio of front and rear rolls(mm) 1:2.3897 1:2.3897
Turning stucture Roller bearing Brasses
Motor Power(KW) 110 110
Output 500 500
Overall dimension
5745*3029*1929 5145*3029*1929
Weight(t) 22.5 22.5

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